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A “How To” Guide for Adsorber Design - Kent S. Knaebel
A Value Chain Analysis of Selected California Crops - Marcy Lowe and Gary Gereffi
A Study Assessing the Opportunities and Potential of Soybean Based Products and Technologies - The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
Absorption and Stripping - Edwards, W. M., Fair, J. R
Absorption device Typenreihe AEA Product Information
ABE Fermentation of Sugar Cane in Brazil - Marcelo C. Mansur, Maclyn K. O’Donnell, Matthew S. Rehmann, Mohammad Zohaib
Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook
Activated Carbon Adsorption - Roop Chand Bansal and Meenakshi Goyal
Atmospheric Pollution – J. C. Jones
Basic principles & calculations in chemical engineering 5th edition himmelblau
Best Practice Manual Dryers
Bio-based Chemicals Value Added Products from Biorefineries - Ed de Jong, Adrian Higson, Patrick Walsh, Maria Wellisch
Biofuels from Coconuts - Krishna Raghavan
Biofuel production technologies: status, prospects and implications for trade and development - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Carbon Dioxide Capture from Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants - Jared P. Ciferno
Chemical and Process Design Handbook – James G. Speight
Chemical Engineering Volume 2 5th Particle Technology and Separation Processes - Coulson and Richardson’s
Chemical Process Equipment Selection and Design – Stanley M. Walas
Chemical Process and Design Handbook – James Speight
Chemical Process Design and Integration – Robin Smith
Chemical Reaction Engineering 3rd Edition - Octave Levenspiel
Coconut : Post-harvest Operations – P. G. Punchihewa and R. N. Arancon
Coulson and Richardson Particle Technology  and  Separation Proses (Volume 2) 5th edition
Coulson and Richardson’s Chemical Engineering Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer (volume 1) 6th edition
Chlorine Safety Scrubbing Systems Edition 1
Coir Processing Technologies Improvement of Drying, Softening, Bleaching and Dyeing Coir Fibre/yarn and Printing Coir Floor Coverings - J.E.G. van Dam
Cocos & Chocolate Manual – E. H. Meursing
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 85th edition
Design and Exchangers - John E. Edwards.Rating Shell and Tube Heat
Design Calculations for Optimising of a Deep Borehole Heat Exchanger - Simon Christian Speer
Development and Application of Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membranes - Gideon Francois Malherbe
Development of National Emission Standards for Petrochemical Plants – J. M. Mauskar
Diktat Pengelolaan Sampah Program Studi Teknik Lingkungan
Diktat Kuliah Ekonomi Teknik FTUI
Elementary Physical Chemistry (2010)
Elementary Principles Of Chemical Processes - Third Edition
Energy Efficiency and Innovative Emerging Technologies for Olefin Production - Tao Ren, Martin Patel and Kornelis Blok
Economic and Technical Analysis of Ethanol Dry Milling : Model Description – Rhys T. Dale and Wallace E. Tyner
Energy Efficiency Improvement and Cost Saving Opportunities for the Corn Wet Milling Industry An ENERGY STAR Guide for Energy and Plant Managers - Christina Galitsky, Ernst Worrell and Michael Ruth
Environmental Evaluation and Proposed Standards for General Purpose Household Cleaners
Evaluation of Different Process Designs for Biobutanol Production from Sugarcane Molasses - Abraham Blignault van der Merwe
Fouling of  Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration - Membranes : A Critical Review  - M. F. A. Goosen, S. S. Sablani, H. Al-Hinai, S. Al-Obeidani, R. Al-Belushi
From a technology focus to innovation development The management of cocoa pests and diseases in Ghana  - E. N. A. Dormon
Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics  5th edition – Michael J. Moran, Howard N. Shapiro
Handbook of Chemical Processing Equipment - Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
Heat Transfer 6th edition – J. P. Holman
Helical Coil Heat Exchanger - Department of Mechanical Engineering
Hydration and Hydrolysis with Water Tolerant Lewis Acid Catalysis in High Temperature Water - Natalie A. Rebacz
Indonesia Cocoa Bean Value Chain Case Study – USAID
Industrial Organic Chemicals 2nd Edition – Harold A. Wittcoff, Bryan G. Reuben, Jeffrey S. Plotkin
Industrial Waste Treatment Handbook – Frank Woodard
Instrumentation & Control Process Control Fundamentals
Intelligent Parameter Adaptation for Chemical Processes - John C. Sozio
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 6th edition – J. M. Smith, H. C. Van Ness, M. M. Abbott
Introduction to chemical engineering thermodynamics 7th edition - Book - Smith, Van Ness & Abbot
konsep dasar teknik kimia
LaNano Documentation v1.2 by DrCoolZic
Lange's Handbook of Chemistry [70th Anniversary Edition]
Life-cycle Assessment of Corn-based Butanol as a Potential Transportation Fuel – M. Wu, M. Wang, J. Liu and H. Huo
Mass Transfer Operations - Robert Treybal
Mass Transfer and Absorbers - T. Hobler
Medical Equipment Maintenance Manual A first line maintenance guide for end users
Membrane Filtration - Valentin Savov, Anna Kujumdzieva, Tanya Rasheva
Membrane Technology and Applications 2nd edition – Richard W. Baker
Modeling Gas Absorption - Yaminah Z. Jackson
Modelling Quality in Spray Drying – Frank Geert Kieviet
Nitration and Aromatic Reactivity - J. G. Hoggett, R. B. Moodie, J. R. Penton & K. Schofield
Off-Gas Treatment Technologies for Soil Vapor Extraction Systems: State of the Practice
Organic Chemistry (11th Ed)(gnv64)
Persyaratan Teknis Pengolahan Limbah Bahan Berbahaya dan Beracun
Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook 8th Edition – Richard L. Shilling, Patrick M. Bernhagen Victor M. Goldschmidt, Predrag S. Hrnjak David Johnson, Klaus D. Timmerhaus
Petrochemical Aromatic from Liquid Hydrocarbons A Technoeconomic Assessment – K. M. Wagialla
Pressure Vessel Hand Book 11th Edition – Megysey
Process Systems Analysis and Control 2nd Edition – Donald R. Coughanowr
Processing Manual for Virgin Coconut Oil, its Products and By-products for Pacific Island Countries and Territories - Divina D. Bawalan BSChE, MSEgyE
Process Control and Safety in Chemical Processing of Textiles
Process Heat Transfer – Donald Q. Kern
Packed Bed Columns for Absorption, Desorption, Rectification and Direct Heat Transfer – Nikolai Kolev
Roadmap Pengembangan Industri Kakao – Direktorat Jenderal Industri Agro Kementrian Perindustrian
Rules of Thumb in Engineering Practice – Donald R. Woods
Salinity amd Toc Removal Using Nanofiltration – The University of Texas
Satuan dan Dimensi_student
Sulfonation and Sulfation Processes - Norman C. Foster, Ph.D., P.E
Standards of The Turbular Exchanger Manufacturers Association 8th edition (TEMA)
The Desalting and Water Treatment Membrane Manual : A Guide to Membranes for Municpal Water Treatment – U. S. Department  of The Interior
The Engineering Design Principles – Kenneth S. Hurst (Draft of Translation)
The Market for Ccoca Powder Backgroud Paper for ‘Modelling and Forecasting The Market for Cocoa and Chocolate’ – Henk L. M. Kox
The Miracle of Petrochemicals Olefin Industry : An In–Depth Look  at Steam–Crackers – Fahad H. Falqi
Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach (5th edition) – Yunus A. Cengel, Micheal A. Boles
Thermos Solution Manual  7th - J.M. Smith
Transport Processes and Unit Operations (3rd edition) – Christie J. Geankoplis
Transport Phenomena 2nd edition – R. Byron Bird, Warren E. Stewart, and Edwin N. Lightfoot
The Development of A Coconut Cheese Production Technology – Food Protein Research and Development Center and Dr. Sukancheun Sringam
Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering, 5th edition – Warren L. McCabe, Julian C. Smith, Peter Harriott
Unit Operations: The Heat Exchange Experiment - Jason E. Butler
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Cocoa Study: Industry Structures and Competition – United Nations
Wisconsin’s Biobased Industry : Opportunities and Advanteges Study Volume 2 : Technical Analysis Report
Peraturan Kepala LIPI tentang Pedoman KTI (Karya Tulis Ilmiah)
Pusbindiklat LIPI Kemenkes Pedoman Penulisan KTI Raker 2013
Metodologi Penelitian UPI
Pedoman Penulisan Karya Ilmiah UPI Tahun 2014

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